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Associate Shooter Expectations 

The Basics:

  • Represent my business. If asked, please only mention that you are an associate shooter for Mady. The clients should not obtain any of your personal information in regards to setting up additional photos shoots or receiving pictures from the wedding. Kindly remind them they will obtain everything from me.

  • While I am working a wedding I shoot everything. I do not stand around and wait for direction. It is expected that while at the wedding you will be kind, assertive, give direction to clients/wedding party, and remain active during the reception and dance party. I know the reception and dance party can get boring and redundant, but I always like to look busy and happy! Please take a dinner break of about 20-30 minutes at the same time the couple is eating. I always let them know we will be eating at the same time they are.

  • I always deliver a minimum of 400+ edited high quality unique images so please be sure we can meet that minimum. Generally I come back from an 8 hour wedding day with around 3500-5000 RAW files.​


I always try to shoot portraits, bridal party, family, first looks, etc outside in natural light. I always look for soft consistent lighting and avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. For me, I am always more concerned about having good light over location. I am never afraid to tell my clients where the best spot for photos is based strictly on light. Even if they say they like " a certain tree" or whatever. ​

When it comes to shooting indoors I always utilize as much of the natural light as possible. Never shoot with windows behind the client. Always place the window light in front of them and to the side of them for moodier side lighting. 

If you are shooting indoors and it is poorly lit in the slightest, use of flash is an absolute must!

I also often use my flash to fill in light. My setup is basic. I use an off camera flash mounted on my camera and will first opt to bounce the light off the ceiling. If the ceilings are too high or dark, then I will use direct flash on the subject on the lowest setting and adjust my settings in camera to create a balanced soft look when it is daylight out.

For reception and dancing pictures I always shoot direct flash and embrace the vibe of the party. 

Here is an example of how I use window light. The window was to the right of us and she looked towards the light.


Here is an example of how I use window light. The window was directly in front of the girls. Not behind them


Examples of how my direct flash reception photos look.


Exposure, white balance, RAW:

I always expose for the subject. Specifically their skin. It's most important to me that the quality of the image is not downgraded and noisy. I know some photographers under expose for whatever reason but that is not my style. Meter for their skin always! I will show some of my RAW images so you can see how I expose.

Generally I will shoot in auto white balance. I find that is better all around for editing.

Please be sure to shoot in RAW file and dual slot cards for backup.

RAW file example in golden hour. Skin is not overly underexposed and background is properly exposed as well.


RAW file example in mid day light.

Posing, portraits, group shots:

When doing basic group shots for family photos be sure to follow the group list I have sent you to be sure we do not miss any group shots the client wants. Also, please be sure to always take many shots of each group to make sure no one is closing their eyes. I also always take a portrait and a landscape with full margins. This way my clients can easily frame their family photos and choose either portrait or landscape. Also, do not shoot below 3.0 F stop for group photos!

Family photos: generally I keep these pretty basic so just standing in a group with the bride and groom in the middle and smiling directly at my lens. For the immediate family I will also have them smile and laugh with each other for a few candid options as well.

Bridal party photos: I always get classic group shots of them all together smiling at camera and also fun ones with movement. See pictures below for some examples.

Couple portraits: Always be sure to get a few classic pictures of  the two of them standing next to each other and smiling directly at the camera. Then I focus on a lot of romantic, natural and candid pictures. Don't forget details like hands, rings, her hair, flowers, etc. I like to use shallow depth of field of portraits. So anywhere from 1.8-2.8 for some variation. I really favor an 85mm prime and 50mm prime for portraits if possible!

Margin example for group photos

and classic posed shots.


Some of my go to bridal party poses


Always be sure to have a number of classic posed shots of the couple smiling at the camera like this. 

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