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  • How do I book you?

    • a 50% deposit and signed contract. I use a super simple and convenient online system.​

  • Can we have a chat on the phone before I book you?

    • Absolutely! I highly recommend chatting with me on the phone. Email me and i'll give you my number.​

  • How much do you edit your photos?

    • Great question! I keep a consistent editing style across all my images. I also shoot and edit in a way that tells your story best.  I'll be sure to edit how it looks and feels and be sure not to destroy the colors.​ I always touch up skin if needed and edit out distracting objects.

  • Do I have to get my albums and prints from your studio?

    • Nope. I recommend it to ensure quality control, high quality paper and true colors. You can print wherever you like. ​

  • Do you work with videographers or provide video?

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